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Meet The Canberra Martial Arts & Fitness Team

The team at CMA&F pride ourselves in providing world class fitness & martial arts training AND also creating the type of supportive training community that keeps people motivated to train week-in-week-out. From your first class you’ll realise that the members are different to an ordinary club – we greet each other, get to know each other’s names and offer no judgment towards anyone – and that shows in each-and-every class.

Master Tom Adam

Chief Instructor, Founder & Hapkido Instructor

Tom founded CMA back in 2011 after relocating to Canberra with his family. With over 15yrs Hapkido teaching experience, Tom has turned CMA into what it is today. Holding a 6th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido, Tom is also an avid Brazilian JiuJitsu student earning his Blue Belt in 2019.


Our Coaches

Sabomnim Tamara Cain

Head Coach Kids Martial Arts & Fitness Programs

Tam is a qualified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructo, not to mention a 4th Dan Black belt in Taekwondo and 1st Dan Black Belt in both Kumdo & Hapkido. Tam makes it happen at CMA, loves incorporating martial arts into her workouts, and helping others to stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals.
Sabomnim Steven Cain

Head Coach Kids Martial Arts & Fitness Programs

Steven initially began learning Kumdo as an extension and benefit to his Taekwondo training, he really enjoyed learning Kumdo and has continued his journey to become a qualified Kumdo instructor to help others learn this Art. Steven’s calm and methodical style of teaching affords him the skill to teach anyone the fine art of Kumdo.
Professor Danny Weir

Epic BJJ Chief Instructor

2nd Degree Will Machado Brazilian JiuJitsu Rugby league and AFL for a few years after school, then l started boxing on and off for 8 years . Danny discovered BJJ in 2002 and progressed through the ranks to achieve his 2nd Degree Black Belt in late 2019. Danny has coached BJJ for 18 years and created his own school EpicBJJ, which joined the Canberra Martial Arts & Fitness club in 2019 and hasn’t looked back.
Brett Hasler

Challenge Master

Brett is our Challenge Manager. For his own fitness he loves to go mountain biking, do HIIT Training… and pick up heavy things. He has eight years of fitness industry experience including personal training, group fitness and team management. His goal for all of our members is to get the absolute best out of them.
Jez Margosis

Kids Epic BJJ

Jez has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) since 2007. A Will-Machado Black Belt, Jez runs the kids BJJ program and has done so since it’s inception; growing the program from a handful of students into two thriving classes each week. A school teacher with over 25 years teaching in both Primary and High School, Jez utilises his experience to deliver fun, safe, challenging and inclusive lessons.
Nidhal Aouali

Group Fitness Coach

Nidhal is a Kickboxing and Fitness extraordinaire. Over the past 10 years Nidhal ran the Oman Boxing Club and migrated to Canberra with his Aussie wife and young child in 2021. He's passionate about his fitness programs as much as his family and his energy in training can already be felt. Nidhal believes that anyone can achieve if they try.
Cat To

Taekyun Instructor

Cat and Long are the Kyulyun Taekyun instructors at CMA. They both have a first rank in Kyulun Taekyun (Rank: Taekyun Player) and hold a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido. Cat is also is a certified group fitness instructor. >> Read on with Long >>
Long Nguyen

Taekyun Instructor

Initially seeking a new martial art to complement their skills in Hapkido, they found Taekyun and immediately gravitated to its unique relaxed movements and lightning-fast kicks and aggressive grapples. Using the skills in both martial arts, they like encourage students to view techniques from different perspectives and keep an open mind to learning how to make techniques work for them.

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