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Next Course Starts 25th May @ 6:30pm

2021/05/25 18:30:00

Our Absolute Beginners to Martial Arts Program covers so much, there is so much available.

Including in the programs:

  • Planned & Structured Beginners or Intermediate Programs to get you on the road to your first promotion
  • First Month no need for a uniform or equipment. After that – you tell us which art you’d like to focus on. (We’ll probably know before then)
  • Induction Session where we’ll plan out your first month of training, all Sessions Monday to Friday 6pm or 7pm, and Saturday mornings.
  • Unlimited Training, Access to our full range of Fitness & Martial Arts Classes (over 30 available each week – you’d be nuts to do them all.
  • Online Group and App with training/technique videos, laughs and challenges

Here at CMA&F we’ve grown over the years, starting out with Hapkido the club started to grow and then we added Kumdo, over time other instructors approached us and we added Taekwondo, then Taekyun and finally Brazilian JiuJitsu – it’s been an amazing ride and the opportunity to cross train with the Coaches and Instructors at CMA is definitely an uncomparable experience. Classes range from 1hr to 1.5hrs depending on the style, check out our Martial Arts styles or jump straight to our timetable.

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