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Kids Program

Kids Martial Arts & More Ages 3-14yrs

At CMA we offer a variety of kids martial arts classes to Canberrans. CMA isn’t a club where kids are pushed to either be a black belt or nothing else. We believe that your child’s self-defence journey must be filled with true learning – and that includes making mistakes and learning at a pace that makes sense for them. Martial Arts learning is a culture, not something that can be picked up over-night. Our martial arts sessions to kids that align with Our Values, in the end we want to help you raise amazing people.

LittleJitz 5-8yrs

Our Little Jitz class fits into our Pre-Martial Arts programs (with the Tiny Tigers 3-4yrs, and Little Tigers 5-6yrs). This class focuses on teaching the kids the basics of Brazilian JiuJitsu, but in a fun way that is a little less intimidating for most of them.


This class is really focused on confidence and coordination building and skills.

Little Tigers 5-6yrs

Our Little Tigers program is part of our Pre-Martial Arts program list. This is one of our original kids classes where we teach the kids the same fundamentals that can be found in both Hapkido and Taekwondo (both Korean martial arts styles). 


This class is really focused on confidence and coordination building and skills.

Hapkido Tigers 7-13yrs

Hapkido Tigers is one of our original martial arts taught here at the club. Hapkido (the way of coordinated energy) is a Korean self-defence system that teaches the kids blocks, strikes, take-downs, joint-locks and more – but in a fun and safe way. The kids don’t even realise how much they know until they join the adult program and blow the minds of the adults around them.

Taekwondo Tigers 7-13yrs

Taekwondo, arguably the most popular kids martial arts style on the planet. Famed as the way of the hand and foot, Taekwondo teaches the kids some amazing self-defence skills.


Working on patterns, kicking and more, the kids get a great understanding of physical movement and more.

Kumdo Kids 9-13yrs

Kids and swords – yep, sounds hectic, but it’s safe and fun. Well, they do start with Foam swords.


Kumdo, or Kummooyeh, is the art of Korean Sword and is a fun way to learn a traditional martial art as well as learn skills. The kids love it as they learn sparring, patterns and more.

Epic Youth BJJ 9-13yrs

Epic Youth Brazilian JiuJitsu is an action packed martial arts class during the week. When the Epic BJJ crew merged with CMA&F in 2019 they had 2 kids, with the amazing instructors this has grown to over 30 kids training each week.


When the kids move from the Youth to the Adult program, they are phenomenally skilled and ready to roll.

Pre-Martial Arts

We have 2 programs available for the kids 3 years to 6 years. Before the age of 7, it’s time to focus on the FUNdamentals of Fun, Safety, Fitness, Coordination, Fun, Listening Skills, and Noise!



  • Tiny Tigers 3-4yrs (Fundamentals)
  • Little Tigers 5-6yrs (Taekwondo/Hapkido Pre-Program)
  • Littlejitz 5-8yrs (Juniors Brazilian JiuJitsu)

Tiger Martial Arts

The kids are now better placed to start to learn through a syllabus system with ranks/belts, testing and learning more skills. We blend them in with older kids too, and they take their time – this is a busy time for kids and learning to be part of a bigger class (and all the responsibilities that come with that).


  • Hapkido Tigers 5-13yrs
  • Taekwondo 5-13yrs
  • Littlejitz 5-8yrs (Juniors Brazilian JiuJitsu)

Youth Martial Arts

They’re now kids in body, but they don’t feel like “little kids”. Now’s the time to start to explore more of the Martial Arts, including the Korean Sword (Kumdo) classes and grappling in Brazilian JiuJitsu.



  • Hapkido Tigers 5-13yrs
  • Taekwondo 5-13yrs
  • Epic Youth BJJ (Epic Brazilian JiuJitsu)
  • Kumdo Kids (Korean Sword)

Holiday Programs

Our Holiday Martial Arts Day Camps is aimed at kids 5-14yrs looking to learn some martial arts skills, keep active, socialise and of course have a little fun while they’re at it.

We’ll have some of our Junior Instructors and Junior Leaders present throughout the week, and they’ll be learning and developing their teaching skills as well as having a great time with the kids.

Birthday Parties

Looking for a Birthday Party for your kids aged between 5-9yrs that will be active (to burn off the sugar), teach them some skills and of course be a bucket-load of fun? Why not try a Canberra Martial Arts Themed Birthday Party.


Over 2 hours we’ll take your Birthday kiddo and their friends through some basic martial arts concepts, we’ll get them to play some fun fitness-based games and we’ll also let them see how powerful they can be through breaking some boards.

How's This!

We’ve been again voted in the Active Activities most popular programs.

  • #1 Most Popular in Woden (Phillip)
  • #5 Most Popular in Canberra region (if they only knew haha)



Junior Leardership Program

Kids at CMA&F can even learn the skills needed to get their first job! Many of our teenage students have grown with the program to now be either in training to be come an instructor, or currently assisting with classes in a paid role.


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