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Upcoming Events

Every month we’re holding social events, seminars, and more. We post the big ones here, but the page would be as long as your arm if we added them all. So check out our facebook page, or join the club to learn more

Our Values

Learn something new and share something new – EVERYDAY!

Being a martial artist isn’t just about learning new techniques and how they work, to truly understand something you must be able to share that understanding. This should be something you do in each and every day of your life.

Have an open-mind, be respectful, and show compassion.

Sometimes things don’t always make sense to you, or to those around you. Sometimes people make mistakes. Instead of dismissing an idea, laughing or even showing contempt – listen to what the person is trying to say, respect their opinion, don’t put down failure and rally in others’ succes!

Inspire others through your passion!

Find a way to inspire others, the most common way to inspire is to share your passion. Passion for knowledge, passion for understanding, passion for self development, passion in others!

Focus on what you CAN do first!
“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ― Henry Ford. Time to start believing that you can, focus on what you can do first and ignore that which you cannot.
Strive to grow and develop!
Martial Arts is a journey that takes a lifetime, take your time but most importantly continue to make every effort to move forward. Striving for growth and development is how we will all succeed.
Draw on inner-strength, learn from and overcome your fears.

We all have fears. Fears of the unknown, fears of what others think, fears that we will fail. Put them to one side and ask yourself, is this fear rational and how is a fear stopping me from achieving my goals. Then use that energy to overcome.

Remember: Fun, Safe then Martial Arts!

If it isn’t fun  it’s boring. If it isn’t safe  it’s dangerous. You can’t learn martial arts if it’s boring and dangerous – so stay safe and have fun!

Be the best that YOU can be!

Ever class you should tell yourself “I will try harder than I have ever tried before” – by doing this you can be the best version of yourself. You are more powerful and amazing than you realise, just put your mind to it!

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